Description of Operations

Maunakea Observatories Support Services oversees:

Tracy Grading, 4:4:11
Ice Removal (Trying)

Food & Lodging Operations at Halepohaku

The Food and Lodging facilities at Halepohaku are available for those whose work, research or technical support are related to activities on Maunakea.  Reservations are coordinated through the MKSS Administrative office in Hilo.

Facilities Maintenance

The general maintenance or "Utilities" department is responsible for maintaining the summit access road from the start of the gravel / cinder section to the summit and clearing the road after snow storms.  This group also maintains the mid-level facilities and the heavy equipment used for road maintenance and snow removal.


The MKSS administrative office is located in Hilo.  They are responsible for the human resource and fiscal oversight of MKSS as well as purchasing and receiving of all supplies.  This group also coordinate all food & lodging reservations.

Onizuka Center for International Astronomy (Visitor Information Station)

The Maunakea Visitor Information Station provides health and safety and resource protection information and education to the public at the 9,200 ft. level on the Maunakea Access Road.

Maunakea Weather Center

The Maunakea Weather Center is a weather research and forecast facility funded by the astronomical observatories on Maunakea.  This public website is administered by MKSS and the UH Institute for Astronomy in cooperation with the UH Meteorology Department.